About Us

We are excited by unique online community experiences.

We are passionate community professionals with over 20 years’ experience in managing online communities for some of the world's leading brands, including Telefonica, Sony Computer Entertainment, Airbnb and giffgaff. And we have used the knowledge we gained over these years to guide our software development. Enabling you to create unique online spaces to communicate with your customers and let your customers communicate with each other.

What We Believe In

Healthy brand engagement creates trust.

We believe that a healthy community equals a healthy brand. Positive community experiences create a bond of trust between customers and brand. Users make real-world decisions and purchases based on what they discover in online communities they trust.

When members of a community like a product, they are more likely to purchase and are more likely to spread your brand’s message — online communities have the unique ability to turn your members into real world brand advocates.

The Benefits We Bring

We bring cost effectiveness to creating customisable experiences.

Freedom of choice and designing without constraint is important to you. Having worked with online community software for over 20 years, we know how important it is to be able to fully design your community experience. That’s why we give you the freedom to adjust how your community behaves functionally, as well as giving you the ability to create your own design.

Core Platform Engine

Future proof
Modern tech-stack
Clean interface
Prioritising user experience
Prices start from £250 a month
Easy to use
A turn-key, fully managed solution
Powerful API
Create custom user experiences in any framework

Flexible Architecture: Our code is divided into three distinct layers

The Core

Built with Django & Python; linked to a PostgresQL database;

If desired, you can choose a different server structure dependent on your needs, from Kubernetes to VM

Powerful API

An API that conforms to the JSON-API spec enabling you to access any and all functionality in our platform

Flexible Front-end

A Single Page Web Application, built with the NodeJS framework, or our UNITY SDK!

Or use the front end framework of your choice to create your own application or community experience.

Sample Feature Set

Content Structures

Organise content effectively

Private Messaging

Communicate in private

Permissions & User Groups

Manage permissions and User Groups

Moderation Tools

Remove, Merge and Edit content

Content Flagging

Setup your own Flagging Content Management system!

Reactions System

Don’t be bound by a ‘Like’ button, create your own reactions!


Community content search

Message Formatting

A variety of Formatting options are available


Attach documents for easy sharing

And much more!..

Unity SDK

Extend the power of the world’s most powerful real-time development platform, and easily add an online community to your experience!

Our Unity SDK (landscape and portrait) will enable your customers to experience a community without ever leaving your app or game.

No longer do your customers have to navigate away from the experience, and open a seperate browser to engage in community activity. Keeping the experience within your application will ensure you increase your customers engagement and spend, while reducing churn, service costs and development lifecycles.

Access your community through WEB and Unity at the same time!


Built with Django & Python; linked to a PostgresQL database;

Increased Customer Engagement

Increased Customer Retention

Increased Customer Spend

Increased Sales

Improved Development Lifecycles

Customer Service Cost Reduction

Technical Value

Turnkey hosted solutions

Plug & Play products built in UNITY and WEB

Lightweight structures

Easy, simple, convenient to adopt

Flexible JSON-API models

Updates included

Ability to add functionality

Brand Value

Take control of your brand’s customer experience

No more cookie cutter community designs

Your own bespoke branded environment

Healthier brand engagement

Healthier product feedback

Cost Effective Pricing

Start Up Package
Unity SDK Package
Premium Package
API only, WEB Plug & Play Unity SDK API only, Unity SDK + WEB Plug & Play
Tech set-up
(One off)
£1,000 £2,500 Scoped
License (Per month, charged annually) £250 £750 £2500

Our Story

Vincent Boon, previously giffgaff’s Chief of Community and Standing on Giants Co-Founder, noticed that during the course of building Standing on Giants he came across many great young companies that had a community vision but were just too early in their journey to need or could afford Standing on Giants products and services. Their technology requirements were for a product/service with a simpler and lighter feature set. Something that was incredibly flexible, easy to configure, and even gave the ability to integrate that community into existing systems.

Our challenge, at Giants Technology, was to create something that was not only all of those things but something that was affordable. Something that could be up and running in a couple of hours, without the need for any extra development from us, handing control back to the customer. You as a customer could then run indefinitely without any need for supplier support or service.

So that’s what we have created! It’s early days for us, but we are very excited to announce that we have a working web version at usable beta stage, and a (world first!) Unity SDK version in development, ready as a usable beta from May 2020. Both versions run the same core engine and are accessible from either environment at the same time.