We create positive online community experiences

Our software makes positive and healthy online communities possible.
A modern online community is a unique space where you and your customers come together and discuss issues, share ideas and solve problems, for mutual benefit.
We believe every business should have a positive online community.

The opportunity

Create your positive community

We are looking for innovative business partners who want to leverage the power of positive online communities.

While Giants Technology is at the start of its journey, we set up your community, align it to your brand and help you with your community strategy at zero cost to you.

We have a talented world-class team who will work with your business and innovate with you, for you and for your customers.

We’ve distilled our years of learning and expertise into a modern community platform, designed to enable start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to create their own online communities.

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Online communities should be good for us all

We believe online community experiences should be friendly, energising, encouraging, welcoming, kind and inspiring.

They should be a safe place for you to express yourself, share ideas and help others as well as receive help.

We exist because we believe positive communities are not only possible, but are essential.

The world is polarising fast and the negative effects of social media only work to exacerbate the problem. We believe there is another way and we are here to prove it.

our product

Flexible, accessible and seamless

At Giants Technology, we make unique, fully customisable, online community platforms that enable companies to authentically and effectively communicate at scale.
• The software architecture is designed to be flexible so that the community experience is exactly right for your brand.
• Our product works in-app and in-browser simultaneously so that the user’s experience is seamless.
• Our proactive management and engagement tools give businesses the ability to understand who their members are and where to interact with them so that you can build mutually beneficial relationships.
We’ve distilled our years of learning and expertise into a modern community platform, designed to enable start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to create their own world class online community.
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The benefits

Upgrade your business strategy

We’ve seen the effects a positive online community can have on customers and brands. Here are some of the benefits.

Community members will bring a broad set of ideas to the table, enriching your product and service.
Customer spend and brand loyalty increases with positive communities as a sense of belonging is nurtured.
Good positive communities become a great source of rich, deep customer insight.
Customers who are advocates of a community will spend more and more often.
Community members feel safer and have a better sense of belonging when communities are positively managed.


The innovator in positive community creation

Our founder Vincent Boon started Giants Technology to create a new kind of online community software. His core belief that communities should be good for us all has changed the way communities will be built.

• Vincent Boon and Aurelien Poma (our CTO) were instrumental in building Playstation’s first online community in 2006, covering fourteen different languages and supporting all hardware and software.

• As part of the start-up team at giffgaff, Vincent headed up the community strategy and showed the world what a community-centric company can do. Community participation directly contributed to a decrease in operating costs of 50%.

• In 2012, Vincent co-founded Telefonica spinoff, Standing on Giants, the enterprise consultancy that launched and scaled Airbnb and other unique global communities.

• At Mineo, a Japanese telecommunications company, Vincent’s team achieved similar results to giffgaff.

• Now at Giants Technology, Vincent has created a philosophy and a team that works to execute a focussed mission; Positive online communities are good for everyone.

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Visit bettercommunities.co to see how a group of community innovators, including Giants Technology, have come together to form a collective mission;
To create better communities.

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